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What is calisthenics?

Deep dive into the meaning, origins and current uses of calisthenics.


Collection of training plans that will guide you to become a better athlete!


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A time-tested way to naturally increase strength, build muscle and get lean.

Why calisthenics?

Calisthenics is based on natural movement as it trains the body to pull, push and hold in a way it was designed to. It helps not only to build muscle, burn fat, become flexible and increase strength but also to perform better in everyday life.

Since you can do calisthenics with the use of no or minimal equipment it’s the perfect way to build the physique you want at home.

Beauty in strength

Calisthenics means “beauty in strength” or “beautiful strength” as the word itself is derived from the Greek terms “kallos” meaning “beauty” and “sthenos” meaning “strength“.

Who are we?

We are a small team of calisthenics enthusiasts, medical doctors and top athletes who build to spread the amazing benefits of bodyweight training in the world.

Our number one goal is to create and curate the highest quality resources to help anyone save time and achieve their fitness goals more effectively.

We care about the balance between fast progress and the safety of exercising. This is the only way to maintain a healthy training routine that is sustainable for the long term.

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