Calisthenics Equipment

Explore our range of high-quality calisthenics equipment that provide a solid foundation for mastering bodyweight exercises. Whether for building a nice physique or enhancing functional strength, our calisthenics equipment can help you achieve your goals. Transform your workout routine and embrace the power of bodyweight training with the finest calisthenics gear available. Your path to strength and flexibility starts here.

calisthenics equipment

Gymnastics Rings

resistance bands

Resistance Bands

weight belt

Dip Belt/Weight Belt

weight vest

Weight Vest

A great alternative to the dip belt. They stay firm on the body and, therefore, are better suited for overhead and explosive movements. Choose the right weight for yourself.



An amazing tool for practicing L-sits and HSPUs at home or doing push-ups in full range of motion.

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Fitness Box

Boxes are great for jumping exercises and movements that require elevated feet or hands such as box step-ups, pistol squats, and incline push-ups. Especially if you want to save your furniture.

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doorframe pull up bar with dip bars 1

Doorframe pull-up bars

This is the cheapest pull-up bar option for your home gym. Easy to take on and off. Great starter option for beginner calisthenics athletes.

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Bullbar Portable pull-up bar

Bullbar 2.0

The best portable pull-up bar on the market currently. Easy to assemble and to move it around. A complete solution for a home gym that includes a pull-up bar and a dip station.


Wall-mounted pull-up bars

The sturdiest option, if you don’t mind drilling into the wall. The best option for explosive movements such as muscle-ups.

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Power Rack

Power Rack

A great solution for an athlete who wants an all-in-one home gym solution. Do pull-ups or squats, add a bench and you’re ready to bench press.


Barbell & Weights

Squats, deadlifts, or military press? A little bit of weightlifting? You can do it all. Goes perfectly with the Power rack and if you add a bench you have a complete gym at home.



Assault rower pro

AssaultRower Pro

assault bike pro x

AssaultBike Pro X

assault runner elite

AssaultRunner Elite

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Public workout parks

A complete outdoor workout park solution for cities, schools, or companies.

Tolymp calisthenics garden gym 2 1

Garden gyms

A smaller version of a public calisthenics park. Customize it as you want so you can always enjoy training in your own backyard.

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