About me

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Who am I and why I started this project?

My name is Andy Toth and I’m the founder of calisthenics.com. I’ve been practicing calisthenics as my main sports activity since 2003 and I started this project with the goal to organize the resources about bodyweight strength training and make it accessible to everyone.

What I love about calisthenics?

I’m not a coach or a world champion athlete. I’m just a regular guy who fell in love with calisthenics because of its accessibility and connection to natural movement

The only thing needed is a horizontal bar and some parallel bars and we can perform almost any calisthenics exercise. Even simpler, just get a pair of gymnastics rings and we are all set. Put it in our suitcase and we have a gym wherever we go. 

What is important in calisthenics?

Our body is a complex system and it can adapt to external forces better than we can imagine. With correct technique and progressive overload we can build strength, muscle mass and learn new skills like the front lever or muscle up. Calisthenics however, puts a big strain on our body, so in order to avoid injury it is essential to pay attention to preparation and correct execution of the exercises.

What is my goal with calisthenics.com?

With this website my goal is to help beginners get started with calisthenics and at the same time to provide helpful resources and tips to advanced athletes as well. This project is much bigger than me and I feel the responsibility to involve the calisthenics community in building it. Including but not limited to health professionals, world renowned coaches, champion athletes and people who achieved success on their own with calisthenics. My goal is to create something that can last the test of time and will remain a helpful resource for people even long after I’m gone.

If you have something to say, teach or share with the community please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via our contact form, at andy@calisthenics.com or on social media.